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Här kan du ladda ner mjukvaran Cellstress och HOTlab.

Instruktionerna nedan är på engelska.


CellStress is an image analysis program that can be used to probe signaling pathways in single cells by following the spatiotemporal distribution of fluorescently tagged proteins.

CellStress has two specific functions:

1. To measure fluorescence intensities in different compartments of the cells in order to analyze dynamics and kinetics of fluorescent proteins, and

2. To count fluorescent protein aggregates, which is especially useful when monitoring cell signaling pathways involved in e.g. Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease.

CellStress was developed in MATLAB and is issued under a GPL license. Request software via e-mail.


Free and open source software for holographic optical tweezers

We have developed a software package for HOT that is available for download under GPL and LGPL. The package consists of a dll written in CUDA for generation of holograms on Nvidia GPUs and a GUI for positioning of traps, written in LabVIEW.

Download the software and source code

To use the software

Use the download link to get a copy of the project. The main program is called “Martins HOT interface.vi” and is found in the “Labview” folder. Check the “readme” file. A quick start guide for using the program is located in the “docs” folder.

To contribute

Set up Git on your computer, create a GitHub repository and fork the project.

The software offers the following functionalities

  • Create and position up to 256 traps directly in the image of your sample.
  • Generate highly optimized holograms in less than 10 ms (or non-optimized in 1 ms) for real-time manipulation.
  • Program paths with controllable speed and step length for one or multiple traps.
  • Create group of traps for synchronized displacement or rotation of several traps.
  • Fully customizable GUI

Hardware requirements

  • Camera with firewire, GigE or Camera Link interface (Program will run with no camera installed)
  • SLM from Boulder Nonlinear Systems with PCI or PCIe interface (Program will run with no SLM installed)
  • CUDA enabled GPU

Software requirements

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