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New Discovery Can Give Faster Spintronic Elements

Femtoterabyte partners in Uppsala University have been able to show that there is a new form of magnetic torque which may make spintronic elements even faster than they are today. The research has been published in Nature Communications.

Full press release from Uppsala University

Article in Nature Communications

New nanostructure developed in Florence

A nanostructure based on magnetic and superconducting molecules with frontier quantum properties has been developed at the University of Florence within Femtoterabyte project. The article is published in the latest issue by the scientific journal Nature Materials and signed by the team coordinated by Roberta Sessoli  at the University of Florence, Femtoterabyte partner.

Article in Nature Materials


Full press release

Observation of the nonlinear Wood's anomaly on periodic arrays of nickel nanodimers

Researchers in Uppsala University, who are the part of FEMTOTERABYTE team, jointly with several partners, published the work on linear and nonlinear magnetophotonic properties of periodic arrays of nickel nanoantennas. Read more >>

Magnetizing semiconductors with light

Prof. Vassilios Kapaklis, partner of the FEMTOTERABYTE at Uppsala University, writes a news piece in Nature Nanotechnology on the recent advance in combining plasmonics and spintronics in semiconductors. Read more >>

Mesoscale behaviour of a 3d-single molecule magnets monolayer on Au(111) surface

[2018-03-12] The researchers from University of Florence (Italy), University of Rennes (France) and Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) presented a computational study of a full- and a half-monolayer of a Fe4 single molecule magnet on an unreconstructed surface of Au(111). Read more >>

The importance of the weak

[2018-03-12] Researchers at the Division of Material Physics at Uppsala University have shown how the collective dynamics in a structure consisting of interacting magnetic nano-islands can be altered to possess liquid-like qualities, as well as promoting emergent magnetic states. Their findings are published in the scientific journal Nature Physics. Read more >>

Ultrafast Change of Volume Discovered in Magnetic Materials

[2018-02-15] All magnetic materials show a change of volume if their magnetization changes, but how the process takes place on the shortest time scales is still a mystery. An international collaboration of both experimental and theoretical research groups has now managed to come a step closer to the solution of this riddle. Read more >>

γ-Rays shine on a molecular monolayer

[2018-02-05] The investigation of single molecule magnets, conducted in the Femtoterabyte project, brings Mössbauer spectroscopy firmly into the realm of surface science. Read more >>

Thesis defense related to FEMTOTERABYTE

[2017-10-27] Ritiwik Mondal defends his PhD thesis ‘Relativistic theory of laser-induced magnetization dynamics’ at Uppsala University under the supervision of Prof. Peter Oppeneer. Read more >>

Professor Peter Oppeneer holds invited talks

Prof. Peter Oppeneer gave an invited plenary at “Hysteresis Modeling & Micromagnetics”, HMM2017 (Barcelona, Spain), June 2017. The talk described the simulations of all-optical magnetization and switching.

Prof. Peter Oppeneer also gave an invited talk at: “Ab-initio spin-orbitronics” (Montesilvano, Italy), Sept. 2017.

Rich scientific discussions in M6 project meeting

September 20th the project partners gathered at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, to have the Month 6 project progress meeting. Read more >>

Plenary talk at the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism

[2017-08-26] Professor Roy Chantrell, University of York, gave a plenary talk ‘All optical magnetisation switching: basic physics and potential for new technology' at the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism on July 1-5, 2017. Read more >>

Nature News & Views: (Materials science) Magnetic molecules back in the race

[2017-08-26] Professor Roberta Sessol, University of Florence, the partner of Femtoterabyte, gives perspective on the use of single-molecule magnets beyond cryogenic temperatures to be useful for the magnetic memory applications. Read more >>

Fundamental origin of magnetic inertia uncovered

[2017-08-24] In a new article, Mondal et al have derived a complete theory of spin dynamics, including magnetic inertia, starting from the fundamental Dirac-Kohn-Sham theory. Read more >>

Broad dissemination of Femtoterabyte results at META17

[2017-08-23] Several partners of Femtoterabyte delivered invited and contributed talks at the 8th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics META17 in Incheon - Seoul, South Korea. Read more >>

Kick-off in the Project

[2017-03-08] The kick-off meeting of the project took place on March 9, 2017 in Copenhagen. While we overviewed the science and the implementation of the project for the coming 3 years and discussed what are we going for, all partners gave highlights of their research. Read more >>

Millions to Research on Future Data Storage

[2016-10-11] A project dealing with the next generation of computer data storage has received an EU grant worth SEK 36 million. The project is coordinated by researcher Alexandre Dmitriev from the Department of Physics, and SEK 8.5 million of the grant will go to his research group at the University of Gothenburg. Read more >>

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