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Symposium med anledning av Sten Salomonsons pensionering


Fem inbjudna talare föreläser inspirerande om skilda fysikområden. Välkommen!

Fredagen den 28 september hålls ett symposium på Institutionen för fysik vid Göteborgs universitet, med anledning av Sten Salomonsons pensionering. Under eftermiddagen kommer du att få lyssna till en rad intressanta föredrag.

13.15-14.45 Föredrag
14.45-15.30 Kaffe och mingel
15.30-17.00 Föredrag

Detailed program in English:
Paul Indelicato (13.15-14.00)
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Sorbonne Université
QED and many-body effects
in few-electron ions
Bound state quantum electrodynamics (BSQED) is the fundamental theory that should enable to evaluate the energy of atoms and ions with high accuracy. Yet calculations are very difficult even at second order for one-electron system, and increasingly difficult for few-electron systems. Paul Indelicato will review the current status of few-electron calculations with a historical perspective, comparing available theoretical results with experiments.

Eva Lindroth (14.00-14.45)
Stockholm University
New light on atoms
with attosecond pulses
Light pulses as short as one hundred attoseconds bring about novel possibilities to fully characterize electron wave packets, determining both phase and amplitude. What
new knowledge can this help us gain about atomic processes ¿ and in what way will we need to adjust our theoretical methods?

Coffee & mingle (14.45-15.30)
Staff lounge

Anders Ynnerman (15.30-16.15)
Linköping University
OpenSpace ¿ Visualizing the Universe
Presentation and demonstration of the NASA-funded open source initiative, OpenSpace, which paves the path for the next generation of public outreach in large-scale, immersive environments such as dome theaters and planetariums. OpenSpace is also a tool for space and astronomy research as well as a platform for technical visualization research. The project builds on a collaboration between Linköping University, The American Museum of Natural History and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, among others.

Gerhard Kristensson (16.15-16.35)
Lund University
Sten and I in the wonderful world
of physics and nature
During our partially shared physics education and subsequent graduate studies, me and Sten had plenty in common, such as a passion for exercise and nature, and would hang out regularly. Late on our roads parted, but we kept in touch. In this talk I will look back on our friendship and mutual interests during our time as students in the 1970¿s.

Johan Holmberg (16.35-17.00)
Volvo cars
Teacher, supervisor, co-worker:
My journey through physics with
Sten Salomonson
In this talk I will try to give an account of Sten from the various perspectives I have had the privilege of assuming during the past 12 years.

About Sten
Sten Salomonson, born in 1951, is a university lecturer in physics at the University of Gothenburg who has been connected to the research group in Atomic Physics at the university since 1976. In the mid-eighties he worked as a post-doc at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He has been deeply involved in undergraduate teaching and has also supervised a considerable number of graduate students.

Sten Salomonson¿s research in Gothenburg has been mainly concerned with electron correlation and QED effects of free atoms and ions. He co-developed the "Covariant Evolution Operator Method", which made it possible to perform perturbative calculations with energy-dependent perturbations. For the first time, calculations were made using the Coulomb gauge. This made calculations beyond second order possible, leading to a considerably higher accuracy than was previously achievable.

Föreläsare: Paul Indelicato, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris Eva Lindroth, Stockholms universitet Gerhard Kristensson, Lunds universitet Anders Ynnerman, Linköpings universitet Johan Holmberg, Volvo Cars

Datum: 2018-09-28

Tid: 13:15 - 17:00

Kategorier: Naturvetenskap

Arrangör: Institutionen för fysik

Plats: PJ-salen, Institutionen för fysik, Göteborgs universitet

Kontaktperson: Carolina Svensson, communications officer

Telefon: 031-7869132

Sidansvarig: Måns Henningson|Sidan uppdaterades: 2013-11-15

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