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Erice Summer School 2010

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Shell Effects in Finite Quantum Systems

The understanding of atomic shell structure laid the foundation for the nuclear shell model, and in 1984 came the seminal discovery of electronic shells in metal nanoclusters. The School will mark its anniversary by highlighting the unity of physical principles that manifest themselves in a variety of systems (atoms, nuclei, clusters, confined quantum gases, nanostructures, quantum dots, nanowires). Despite the differences in energy scales and other characteristics, such systems are strongly influenced by the quantization of motion of their constituents. One finds also productive connections with the fields of semiclassical quantization and quantum chaos. Moreover, these quantum-scale phenomena have important practical implications. The diversity and underlying universality of the physics presented at the School make it unique and synergistic. In addition to lectures by leading international experts, the listeners will present their own research at poster sessions.

V. V. Kresin (University of Southern California, USA)
K. Hansen (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Time: Arrival: 25 July. Departure: 31 July (Total 5 school days)

Lecturers and topics:
G. Benedek, University of Milan, Italy (Superfluid nanodroplets) [confirmed]
O. Bohigas, Université Paris-Sud, France (Semiclassical and chaotic dynamics) [confirmed]
M. Raizen, University of Texas, USA (Quantum gases) [confirmed]
C. Guet, CEA/Saclay, France (Droplets and stabilities) [confirmed]
K. Hansen, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Thermodynamics of finite systems) [confirmed]
W. de Heer, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Metal nanoclusters) [confirmed]
B. von Issendorff, University of Freiburg, Germany (Photoelectron spectroscopy) [confirmed]
V. Kresin, University of Southern California, USA (Collective excitations) [confirmed]
S. Reimann, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden (Quantum dots) [confirmed]
J. van Ruitenbeek, University of Leiden, The Netherlands (Nanowires) [confirmed]
L. Gaudefroy, CEA, Saclay, France (Nuclear physics) [confirmed]
A. Obertelli, CEA, Saclay, France (Nuclear physics) [confirmed]

Morning and evening sessions; eight lecturers will present two hours of lectures each, and 3-4 lecturers will present one-hour lectures. In addition, two evening poster sessions will be held.

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Sponsors: The Gothenburg Nanoparticle Platform, STINT

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